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I am looking for executive talent

At Setesca Talent Executive we offer your company all our experience in the search for executive profiles along with the use of the latest technologies. We know that a managerial position requires special dedication and knowledge of the different selection processes, which allow us to identify those candidates not only with high qualifications but also those who can provide a plus of excellence. These differential points are what your company needs to adapt to new business models, generate growth, etc.

Our team of consultants for the selection of executives have high training and specialization in the search for profiles, together with the use of the latest technologies and the experience of more than 10 years in the selection of executives allows us to offer a selection service unique and different.

We have managed to consolidate a methodology based on our experience in the selection of IT managerial profiles and translate it into the search for managerial profiles in whatever need. Marketing Executives, Financial Executives, HR Directors and of course IT Executives .

Our objective is to be a reference in the selection of excellent management personnel, our methodology and experience overwhelm us, trust us for the selection.

More than 10 years conducting selection processes have allowed us to create a work method that combines the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with experience in dealing with candidates. We see beyond what a curriculum shows, because for us excellence in management is key. A manager must be excellent as well as competent.  

But a managerial profile nowadays not only requires qualification and excellence. Companies are modifying and digitizing their labor ecosystem, the IT department being fundamental for its growth.

This implies a need for computer knowledge and digital skills so that these managers can go hand in hand with the IT department in business growth. This is where we make use of our experience in selecting ICT managerial profiles, we have selected CIO and IT Manager profiles for the main companies in the country, as well as highly qualified IT positions. This helps us to identify those managerial profiles with fundamental computer knowledge for today's business day. 

Excellence is key in executive management today. Qualified candidates there are many, excellent only a few. We find them for you.

Companies are modifying and digitizing their labor ecosystem, this requires a level of digital skills from managers.

Companies that trust us
for search and selection
of qualified managers.
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