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Executive Talent

We seek and select managers like you, managers not only highly qualified,  We seek and select excellent managers in all departments of the company; IT, commercial, marketing, financial but always with digital skills and all this at an international level.
At Setesca Executive Talent we analyze your curriculum and managerial profile and look for the selection processes  that best suit you through the use of the latest technologies . But Setesca Executive Talent is much more than a manager selection company oriented to provide services to companies in search and selection, we provide value to the candidate .

We value your profile and make an improvement proposal in order to strengthen your profile for future selection processes. We help you create a managerial profile adapted to the new business situation, where computer science and IT knowledge are essential to adapt quickly to the growth of the company.

Companies have the information technology to grow and adapt to new business environments and it is necessary for managerial profiles to have knowledge for this journey.

At Setesca Talent Executive you will find the perfect ally to enhance your managerial career.
We do not only select profiles, since  We have tools to help these profiles grow like yours.

From certifications in managerial excellence such as ICITEM (International Certification in IT Excellence Management) that will allow you not only to improve excellent management skills, but will also be supported by a certification that has the support of La Salle University.


That is why Setesca Talent Executive is a different managerial profile selection company.
We provide added value to profiles, because your improvement is our improvement, while we guarantee our commitment to offer companies direct profiles with a high degree of qualification and excellence.

We have training through our LiceoTic training platform where you can take training if your point of improvement is managerial excellence (ICITEM) or IT and computer skills.

Unlike other companies and selection platforms, we do not discard profiles but rather offer points of improvement to them for future applications.

Companies that trust us
for search and selection
of qualified managers.

Don't wait any longer and contact us now. We will review your profile in detail, offering you  a series of points for improvement (if necessary) based on the requests and considerations that companies ask of us when managing executive selection processes.

For this first match we use state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning technology, but always assisted and supervised by a consultant specialized in selecting managerial profiles. At Setesca we do not leave the entire process to the hand of software, we rely on technology for the first steps, simplifying processes, but we believe that management positions require special attention, dedication and care.


That is why Setesca Talent Executive is different from other executive recruitment companies. Of course, we maintain absolute privacy on your profile, no one you do not want will know if you are registered in search of new positions and your identity will remain hidden until very advanced points of the process in which you will be warned that the company has requested to know your identity to that you accept if you wish.

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